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National Framework for Consumer Involvement in Cancer Control
September 2011 - Cancer Australia and CanSpeak Australia have recently released the National Framework for Consumer Involvement in Cancer Control to improve outcomes for people affected by cancer. Members of CanSpeak QLD significantly contributed to the development of this important document. Dr Ian Roos, Chair of CanSpeak Australia said the Framework reconfirms the importance of the consumer experience including how consumers can contribute to improve the health system.
Please download a copy of the Framework.

Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme
July 2011 - CanSpeak QLD supports CanSpeak Australia in their submission to the Senate regarding the Government's administration of the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS)
CVA - Submission to Senate PBS.pdf

Regional Cancer Care Centre
January 2010 - CanSpeak QLD supports the proposal by the Central Queensland Health Service District for Regional Cancer Centre funding
CSQ – Letter Regional Cancer Care.pdf


Position Statements

Patient Travel Subsidy Scheme
March 2007 - CanSpeak QLD is calling on the Queensland Government to respond urgently to the The Cancer Council Queensland’s call for better access to treatment for regional cancer patients
CSQ – Position Statement PTSS.pdf