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Consumer Advocacy Training

The Consumer Advocacy Training Workshop was held on Friday 2 July and Saturday 3 July 2010 at the Cancer Council Queensland. This annual workshop provides information about advocacy and develops skills and confidence for people affected by cancer who are interested in being a consumer representative or advocate. This is an initiative of CanSpeak QLD and was offered free of charge to appropriate applicants.

There were some new faces at the workshop as well as CanSpeak QLD members who had previously undertaken the Consumer Advocacy Training. The workshop program had been reviewed and adapted to better fulfil requirements for members who are interested in consumer advocacy and  making a difference for people affected by cancer.

To download the programme for the 2010 workshop, please click here


One participant and new CanSpeak QLD member provided his reflections on the 2 day course:

"The Consumer Advocacy Training Workshop, conducted over two days in July at CCQ headquarters, was less about training and more about experiencing; less about working and more about shopping about for new ideas and relationships. It turned out to be a revelation for attendees like the present writer, new to the world of representative advocacy. 

It did not take long into the first morning for the misty view of advocacy as placard-carrying and soap-box mounting to evaporate before expert and clear-eyed presentations by Anne Savage ("Who's Who in the Cancer Zoo?") and Paul Grogan ("Advocacy and the Health System"). Ms Savage filled her sheets of butcher's paper (and our heads) with links and concepts from within the cancer-care space, while Mr Grogan's wonderfully anecdotal depiction of the science of lobbying revealed what drives decision makers and how they can be influenced.

Day 2 commenced with a much less business, but no less interesting focus. Lorraine Lee gently guided the group through differing personality types CanSpeak QLD advocates are likely to encounter in their meetings. Through role play and interactive discussion across a fabulously broad group of attendees, we were given valuable insights into ways of best communicating the message. Lorraine was followed by the CanSpeak QLD president, Leonie Young, who shared, and frankly inspired us with, her own story and her vision of the future for Cancer Advocacy. The sessions with Leonie crystallised for us what CanSpeak QLD could do in the cancer care space; and our part in the doing. 

All in all I thought the couple of days were of great benefit to me; and the opportunity to have met some truly committed people was an added bonus."


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